Brand Story
GEMO- Anti-aging Household Beauty Brand
from Switzerland

The origin of GEMO can be traced back to Clinic Lémanic founded in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1998, a medical center as a pioneer in preventive and regenerative medicine, beauty and anti-aging1 medicine. Renowned for its expertise and high standards of care and service, it has won prestigious awards worldwide throughout its journey. Born as a Switzerland brand of luxury home beauty instruments, GEMO inherits Clinic Lémanic’s1 scientific research and experimental achievement in skin anti-aging for more than half a century, supported by the modern advanced technology and GEMO Anti-aging Beauty Device. In 2022, the brand entered the Chinese market with its new solutions for anti-aging and skin beauty.

Brand History
In 1950s, the founding family
start the research
In the 1950s, the Véronique Emmenegger family start its research of finding a solution of forever young skin, presenting products for external application and GEMO Anti-aging Beauty Device. As the global beauty industry grew significantly in line with the emerging biomedical research, the Véronique Emmenegger family has been developed in this field for more than half a century with great achievement.
Brand History
1998 Founded in Switzerland
Founded in Switzerland by the Medical Director Dr. Véronique Emmenegger and Mr. Darrell Jacobs (CEO), Clinic Lémanic is dedicated to skin care, aesthetic medicine and anti-aging.
Brand History
2010 Won the title of “The Best Aesthetic Clinic in Europe”
Clinic Lémanic received the Crystal Trophy of Fashion Award in Moscow, naming it as the best aesthetic clinic in Europe.
Brand History
2012 Awarded “Merit for Development of Technology in Aesthetic
Medicine” prize
It was awarded the prestigious IIPP “Merit for Development of Technology in Aesthetic Medicine” prize, presented at UNESCO in Paris.
Brand History
2019 Won “International
Excellence Award”
Clinic Lémanic was awarded for IIPP International Excellence in Anti-Aging, Prevention and Regenerative Medicine, presented at UNESCO in Paris.
Brand History
2020 Awarded as the Best International Anti-Aging Hospital
Clinic Lémanic was named as the "Best International Anti-Aging Hospital" in the Russian Moda Topical Awards.
Brand History
2022 GEMO was Launched in China
GEMO Anti-aging Beauty Device originated from Clinic Lémanic is officially launched in China, bringing solution of keeping youth for beauty-lovers.
Our Vision
Our Vision

GEMO inherits the research inheritage of Switzerland, the holy land of anti-aging1, and controls the wonderful balance between anti-aging1 and skin care sciences. Using GEMO instrument is a unique experience to inject vitality to skin and stop the flow of time, continuously lifting and tightening skin care effect, a enjoyment go beyond your imagination. The revitalized skin is so beautiful and delightful that keep you shine in the crowd all the time. With GEMO, everyone can be the controller of time and the master of life with the ultimate freedom of beauty.

Brand Mission

Adhering to the spirit of Switzerland heritage, GEMO boldly rewrites the era of anti-aging1, and is committed to protecting beauty-lovers around the world to fight against time, taking control of time. With GEMO, time brings the fruit of life, without leaving a trace on face. We believe that every woman deserves a young skin and a better life.

Social Responsibility


GEMO, the Swiss anti-aging beauty device brand, proudly collaborates with Princess Charlene of Monaco to make a generous donation to the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, championing the cause of child protection. This impactful philanthropic initiative aims to empower the health and safety of children worldwide.


Adhering to the spirit of Swiss aesthetics, GEMO boldly innovates, dedicated to pampering women globally. Beyond leading in technology, the brand seamlessly blends science, technology, and artistic aesthetics. The profound collaboration between GEMO and the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation reflects the brand's genuine concern for philanthropy and a proactive fulfillment of social responsibility, resonating with the essence of beauty.


Monaco, with its timeless elegance, mirrors GEMO's commitment to shaping products with refined and sophisticated taste. This donation and newfound alliance symbolize the convergence of beauty and strength, providing more opportunities to encourage women and contribute to the well-being of women and children.

Social Responsibility
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