After-sales Service

May Intimate Service Become the Starting Point of Our Friendship

1 Year Warranty

Within 1 year after placing the order, there will be quality problems caused by non-human factors, which can be guaranteed.

Quotation 30 Days

Within 30 days after the order is placed, quality problems caused by non human factors can be replaced.

Customer Service Reception

Customer Service Reception
Time: 8:00-17:00

7 Days Product Return And Exchange Without Reason

This product can be returned or replaced within 7 days without any reason, and cannot be used for trial. Return requirements: The products and gifts are not unpacked, the outer packaging is intact, and the gifts are complete. It can be returned or replaced within 7 days without reason.

Free Transfer Freight

If you need to change the address or forward the order,
you can contact the customer service directly without the buyer bearing the forwarding freight.