Anti-aging 1Science from Switzerland
Inspired by Switzerland skincare heritage, GEMO Anti-aging beauty device is a unique combination of the cooling technology based on the new generation Thermage, and the exclusive Sapphire ice RF technology, preventing any unpleasant sensation with accurate temperature control for safe and ease anti-aging1 effect, improve tolerance from the root. Customized fine-polished, high-grade sapphire will alleviate the stimulation of EMS micro current for soothing and precise temperature control on the skin surface. With the continuous, high-intensity function of RF deep in skin layers, it will tighten skin with anti-aging1 effect, no overheating and unpleasant sensation, improving the anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effect of the skin1. The RF + Sapphire pair ensures a soft and refreshing skincare experience, keep youth by freezing time.
FACE+ Anti-aging Whole-face1Tech
Regenerate Collagen for Elastic Skin with Radiance
Multi-layer Access, Function at Depth
Penetrate all layers of the dermis, stimulating the full generation of collagen Rejuvenates skin of the whole face and improve fine lines in 28-day for firm, plump and smooth texture.
Heat-up Fast, Constant Temperature
Reach collagen boiling temperature rapidly, in-depth function for constant warmth at dermis.
Recover Youth Around
Eye Contour
by Dual Techs
Recover Youth Around Eye Contour by Dual Techs EMS ultra-slow wave + warm RF, solution to eye concerns such as thin texture and allergy. Adopt skin-compatible wave to promote collagen cycle around eyes.
Transient Smart Red Lights
Improve Dullness·Smooth Skin
48smart red lights, which can improve skin dullness.
Regularly use can rejuvenate smooth skin.