Lifting & Tightening
Anti-aging Beauty Device is a youth-freezing solution versatile for home use. Inspired by the traditional hot spring physiotherapy of anti-aging1 at the Alps in Switzerland, and the cooling technology of the new generation Thermage, it adopts the RF-ICE ice technology to reduce the overall aging signs over the face, such as wrinkles, slack, dull and yellowish, carving skin contour in its young status, fading the trace of time.
RF-ICE Anti-aging Technology
Against Aging1 Lift
No Unpleasant Sensation
Inspired by the essence of Switzerland skincare heritage, Anti-aging Beauty Device is equipped with the cooling technology of the new generation Thermage and the exclusive Sapphire ice RF technology, a combination to avoid any unpleasant sensation while treat skin with accurate temperature control. Anti-aging1, no unpleasant sensation, dual effects of anti-aging. Customized fine-polished, high-grade sapphire will effectively alleviate the stimulation of EMS micro current for a soothing sensation on the skin supported by the precise temperature control. With the continuous high-intensity function of RF deep in skin layers, it tighten skin with anti-aging1 result, leaving no concern of skin overheating and no unpleasant sensation, improving the anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effect of the skin1, redefining the next generation of RF beauty device.
FACE+ Anti-aging1 Technology
Elastic and Tightened Skin in 28 Days
3D frequency-converted RF. With 0.8-2.5MHz ultra-wide frequency-converted RF, it can penetrate the top, middle and deep layers of the dermis, activating collagen regeneration through corresponding pathways to shape, lift and build a youthful skin condition. After 28 days of continuous using, you will witness dramatic change into a youthful, rejuvenating and radiant look.
V-MAX turbo-charged 2nd
Generation Technology
Lift and Tighten Contour in 3 Mins2
With the turbo-charged 2nd gen tech, it will lift and tighten the facial contour by its high energy, strong penetration and fast effect, instantaneously activate facial muscle movement, lift and shape the deep SMAS fascia layer. After 3 mins2 of using on one side of the face, the skin on the side looks more youthful, elastic, and hydrated.
A Combination of Advanced
Technologies to Maintain
Eye Contour Youth
As the skin around the eye contour is thin and dedicate, we combine 3D variable frequency RF technology and turbo-charged 2nd gen tech to promote collagen regeneration in the skin, precisely dilute the lacrimal sulcus, penetrate into the muscle layer without stimulation, repel multiple periocular problems, and reshape the young state of eyes.
Customized Gold Foil Gel
Promote Energy Conduction
Plus Anti-aging 1 Gold Foil
Core component Promote Energy Conduction
Alpine Edelweiss Essence
Core plant extracts Soften and soothe the skin
Extremely Moist Double Essence Texture
Promoting Penetration Achieving Luxury Level Skin Beauty
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Anti-aging Beauty Device
Modes Introduction
1.Face/Face+ Overall Anti-aging1 Mode
3D frequency-converted RF + 0.8-2.5MHz ultra-wide frequency-converted RF, penetrate the top, middle and deep layers of dermis, activate collagen regeneration. After using for 28 days, it will effectively erase fine lines while maintaining skin’s moisture balance for a smooth, elastic and hydrated look.
2.V-MAX/B-MAX+ Contour Lift Mode
Sets of curved electrodes for cross-complementary, and continuous muscle activation, deep SMAS fascia layer shaping, Lift and tighten contour in 3min2.
Two major technologies specialized for the dedicate skin around eye contour. By combining the soothing EMS and the moderate RF, it will accurately dilutes lacrimal sulcus by the gentle operation with no irritation.
Frequency choice and interaction mode
Frequency choice
V-MAX Mode
EYE Mode
V- MAX / V- MAX ( + )
FACE / FACE ( + )
6 mins
4 mins
Duration Recommended Frequency
2-3 times/week
2-3 times/week
2-3 times/week
"Beep—" (a long beep)
"Beep" (a short beep)
"Beep beep" (two short beeps)
"Beep, beep, beep, beep—" (three short beeps followed by a long beep)
Power-on / power-off
Mode/Level shift
End of care for a single area
End of care
All mode lights flashing at the same time
Constant flashing of one mode indicator (and upshift indicator)
Flashing of only one mode indicator (and upshift indicator)
Indicates that the instrument is turned on and a mode can be selected
Indicates that the mode is in operation, skin care can be performed
Indicates that the mode is paused, reapplying gel is recommended

1 Anti-aging* defined herein as reducing aging marks of skin, such as: reducing wrinkles, tightening skin, activating collagen, etc.

2 *Lift and tighten contour in 3min: defined herein as the single application on one side of face in V-MAX mode. The effect varies from person to person, as follows.

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