Can I use the beauty device with makeup?

No. You need to remove your makeup and cleanse your face before use to ensure your face is free of oils and impurities and is clean.

Can I use other gels instead of the GEMO gold foil anti-aging moisturizer gel?

It is not recommended. GEMO gold foil anti-aging moisturizer gel is specially designed for GEMO beauty device. If you replace the gel with other products, it may affect the performance of the device. You have the right to choose any other similar gel products, but we cannot foresee the potential consequences caused by this and we assume no liability or responsibility for any issues that arise.

Can I operate the instrument in the bathroom?

Please do not operate the device in the bathroom as it is non-waterproof.

No warming sensation in the treatment head?

RF shall not directly warm the treatment head but to achieve warming sensation in deep skin through heating effect.

Suggestions on the Matching of One Week Care Model